We are excited to announce Hannah Breckbill as the keynote speaker for this year’s conference!

Hannah Breckbill crafted her farm in an intentional celebration of its embeddedness in and reliance upon a place-based community. Now in her tenth season, she has experience with all scales of community building: from the intimacy of a household or business partnership to the spiritedness of a weekend gathering to the complexity of a local food web. Hannah will share stories and insights from her career of bringing people together to create a better world in her keynote presentation: “Relying on Each Other: The Practice of Community.”


 Farm Tours

This year’s conference will conclude with Farm Tours highlighting three different farms in the Sturgis Area. After a weekend of learning and hearing from experts in agriculture, these tours will provide an opportunity to see regenerative farming in action.

Bear Butte Gardens

Bear Butte Gardens is a USDA organic certified and Real Organic Project certified small family farm owned and operated by Michelle and Rick Grosek.  Our goal is to provide the freshest, most nutritious farm produce and meats to our local customers near Sturgis, South Dakota.  Our year-round farm stand is our sales outlet for not only our own farm products, but also for products from over 50 other growers, crafters, and producers in the region.  We also have a commercial kitchen next to the farm stand that is frequently rented out to caterers and farmers market vendors for creating the products they sell. 

Learn more about Bear Butte Gardens on their website.

Belle Valley Ancient Grains

Brian and Linda Stambaugh have been at the farm near Newell for 20 years.  Brian has had a 40 year career as an Engineer/Geoscientist in the oil and gas industry and returned to about 8 miles from the dairy farm where he grew up.  Linda is a retired registered nurse and enjoys the lower stress level of packaging wheat vs that of home health nursing.  In 2015, seeking a value added alternative to hay, they began growing heirloom/ancient grain.  This side of the farming has grown over the years with retail shipments nationwide, bulk deliveries to bakeries, and on-farm sales of the organic grains and fresh-milled flour.  The farm was certified organic in 2018.  Products include Red Fife hard red, Clark’s Cream hard white, White Sonora (soft white), Spelt, Emmer and Einkorn ancient wheats and also flaxseed.  The whole grain is available in 2.5, 15 and 50 lb bags, flour is milled as ordered for freshness and is available in 2, 10 and 50 lbs.  Brian is a big advocate for the use of the much more nutritious true whole grain products and encourages customers to invest in a small home mill and mill their own flour!

Learn more about Belle Valley Ancient Grains on their website.

Moonrise Mountain Ranch

At Moonrise Mountain Ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota, we are a wife and husband team of vegetable, fruit, and livestock growers. Talli Nauman and Dahl McLean learned and practiced family farming techniques as youngsters growing up in the 1960s and 70s in rural South Dakota and Iowa, respectively. The artisanal methods handed down to us came from earlier generations of relatives who settled here in the Missouri and Mississippi River valleys, as well as from the teachings of Native Americans for whom this land we care-take is sacred. Our matrimony was premised on the mutual desire to jointly enjoy, preserve and promote the socio-economic and nutritional values of local gardening and marketing. Our Moonrise Mountain Enterprises, with the down-to-earth slogan “We Plow, You Chow”, is humbly dedicated to sharing the benefits of natural, chemical-free holistic husbandry with the surrounding community. We are empirical horticulturalists who consider ourselves to be part of a worldwide effort of like-minded producers bent on rescuing traditional knowledge in the interest of healthier more sustainable ecosystems, fair trade patterns, and improved quality of life. We believe that humans’ purpose on earth is to care for it.

Learn more about Moonrise Mountain Ranch on their Facebook Page.

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